Resolving to Keep at Your Day Job…

I think that we all have had a moment when resolving to just keep at the same old thing seems like a good idea. I get it, really if do, but the thing is; it just doesn’t work for me. At one point in my life I thought it really didn’t matter what you did for an occupation as long as it paid the bills, but then you see, I got a job and realized how crazy that notion really is. Then I went to school to be a nurse, how noble, but it’s really not for me, which I’ve expressed previously. I am still working as a nurse while I figure out the world of writing, and really I need more patience because I really just want to be the writer, and not so much the nurse. I’m at a point where the title of nurse really does not fit my personality, but alas the bills must be paid.


So back to resolving to stick it out, good luck with that concept if it is indeed your belief. My current job seems to be pushing me more towards the door to becoming that writer that I am. The demands at my job continue to escalate, it seems that the list of what I do keeps multiplying, and yes my internal dialogue is not the most pleasant at the time, but maybe this needs to be in order to get me where I need to be.


In final reflections, don’t resolve to keep doing something if it pains you in any way, be it mental or physical, because resolving often becomes resenting.


On a brighter note, have a fabulous week to all who read this!