Coincidences in life seem to be pushing me in this direction…

So what is it that makes us jump ship when you have a career, job, or what ever it is that pays the bills?

For me it that inner drive that tells me I am not where I want to be. Not that other things in my life, such as my loving husband or children arn’t enough, they are, but my day job is not what it needs to be, and so I hope to fire it soon enough.

Its always annoyed me when peoople love their jobs, because for me that has never been the case. I’ve always been a fan of retirement because the various things I have tried have truely been “work”. Even since I was a child I wanted to express creativity, but was quickly shown how those jobs do not pay or were in some notion out of my reach. I accepted this as a reality and so I went down the path of the practical. Yes, that is how this germaphobe became a nurse. Picutre it; a more than slightly introverted person who lysol’s every cough as your nurse! This is me, at least for now, but the tides are turning…

Not only have I discovered how much I like to write, but its even possible to live off of writing. My wings are slowing expanding, I feel myself changing into who I was suppose to be in the first place, not that these experiences are valuless mind you, I’ve learned a lot from my experiences and they may make my writing life that much richer.

This is what is changing for me right now:

  • My family knows that nursing in not for me. (Though it may seem obvious, I still have family members conjuring up ways that nursing could still work for me.)
  • I am persueing writing, and have various writer memberships, a website, a blog, and a linkedin profile.
  • My nursing job acturally seems to be pushing me in this direction, no raise in 3+ years, no health care benefits, no sick days. (I could see this as a negative, but for me its all the reason more to keep at what I am doing, which is writing!)
  • After paying for my work parking pass, $90 per year, the very next work day I was ticketed $40 for parking is some poorly maked special parking space. (Motivation to go ahead and make that transition to writing, afterall who needs this foolishness!)

So you see, its all about perspective. I could just relish in the misery of my day job and wish for something else or a new situation, but that doesn’t change things for me or make my life any more fulfilling. I could just complain that after all these years at my current job, and still no benefits; well I am human so I do complain, but this will make it easier to transition being I already have to fund my own health insurance plan. But, getting back to the point of it all, follow your dreams because this life is about joy, and there is no joy in a dream that you could have persued.

Until next time,