Why Write? Reasons I Embrace This Path…

So what is my fascination with words, and why do I write? For me it’s easier to express my thoughts when I have time to actually think about them. I’ve always admired people who are quick with a comment, which sometimes happens for me with my instinctive use of sarcasm; but more often I am left with things that I wish I had said.

Reasons I write:

  • I can freely express my thoughts.
  • Writing allows me to collect my thoughts in an organized way.
  • It’s liberating to let the words flow.
  • There is an emotional link to words & I like the feeling that words can radiate.
  • Most obviously, it fun!

Recently I had a sleepless night, and I wish I had wrote down all that I thought about writing because it was fantastic, but alas I didn’t follow that urge. What kept me from sleep was a strong desire to expand in blogging. Perhaps this isn’t for everyone, but I am feeling its pull. I am so drawn to entertainment because I find it so emotional charged, and I love that. If you read my previous post on passion, for me I am feeling it, and who knows what is next, but I’m on board!

Note to self, and everyone else out there: when you find motivation follow it, the action that will result will help push you one more step to your aspirations!

Until next time,