Finding, Feeling, & Seeking Passion…

Passion, for such a loaded word, and its implications, this is a word that is more than just lusty ventures. I went to a concert Tuesday night, which was fantastic! The artists were The Goo Goo Dolls, & Matchbox Twenty. Just in case you’re wondering, these bands are spectacular, go see them now! I sang every word, danced in my small reserved area, and just lived in that moment. After all, how often do we give ourselves permission to behave this way? My body was sore the next morning, not to mention my throat, yes it was that good! There is something magical about the feeling words (lyrics) can convey; the music was such a catalyst that made it all the more real.

This of course made me think more broadly, to be specific, how can I feel this way more often? I, like many other people worry about how others interpret me, and having a thin skin, this makes “living in the moment” a rare luxury. My goal for now is:  to find out how I can live more freely, and give myself permission to enjoy life. I think for me that will be to let my creativity out more frequently and perhaps make more risky writing ventures by putting myself out there, this is probably obvious, right?

For now, let your passion flow, and live in the moment!