Busy times, and slow progress…

When you’re essentially a seasonal worker (I work as a college health nurse), the end of the Summer is bittersweet. That’s where I’m at right now, one week left of late nights and a semi-clean house. Don’t get me wrong, working is a necessity in order to live and all, but I really miss my sense of freedom. This all is what brings me to my current state of mind and progress, unfortunately the impending end of my Summer seems to have diminished my creativity for the time being; of course, its all in my head! Times like these, I question my new career path, I think its my lazy frame of mind that I am battling. I question not only my new career path but my ability to persist against challenges, such as how does a nurse find herself becoming a writer? Perhaps I will check in once again before I return to my day job. If not, have a great week to all! Words of inspiration and stories of those who have had similar metamorphosis’s always welcome!

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2 thoughts on “Busy times, and slow progress…

  1. Keep going, Kari! I have worked with several nurses and they always had the best stories. There is always going to be a need for those who have a history in medicine and an interest in writing because there is a wealth of information that needs to be compiled for the medical community and patients.

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