The late bloomer, nurse to freelance writer…

Hello Cyber world!

My name is Kari and I’m a registered nurse. The irony of my day job is that I’m a bit of a germaphobe, and faint at the sight of a scalpel. That being said, you may wonder why on earth I went into nursing? Well I wanted to be practical, which meant having a recession-proof job, and I didn’t know that I had these turn-offs that would make nursing such a strain. So next question, why writing, and why now? Well, I LOVE stories(both fiction and non-fiction)! I have a audible subscription, and read traditional books, but didn’t think that writing could be profitable. Thus, is why I am now here with my foot in the door of freelance writing. I’ve always had a creative streak, when I was younger I took ballet/tap/jazz lessons, art was my favorite class in high school, of course I was in chorus throughout high school, and in the past few years I’ve also been into digital photography. So, yes I am interested in sewing some creative oats. So I am now enrolled in 4-week journalism school and mentoring program through the Writer’s Den. Wish me luck, and I will keep you posted on my progress. If anyone has any insight on my journey, please comment below!




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